Friday, 14 June 2013

Word of the Week - Stichomythia

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Last sunday I posted on my Facebook page that I was going to get back in the habit of creating weekly illustrations. The plan is that every Sunday I'll post a word (hopefully not as strange as the first one I posted), and then people will post words they think of after reading the one I post. From there I'll use those words to create the illustration. It would also be really cool if people joined in on the fun to see what other interpretations come about.

Last Sunday's word was Stichomythia (Sticho-what?).  

Google defines it as: 
Noun; Dialogue in which two characters speak alternate lines of verse, used as a stylistic device in ancient Greek drama.

The words I got back for it were: ancient, play, converse, dramatic, and over-the-top.

Thumbnail Sketches
To start any project, I begin with a series of thumbnail sketches. One image stuck in my head this time and I really couldn't shake it.

I know the definition talks about conversation, and ancient Greek drama, but I couldn't get the Shakespearian era out of my head. The classic stage curtain, mixed with grecian goddess dresses lead me to an image of a personified curtain dancing.

Ancient=geek goddess
Play= 'playful' imagery, and Shakespeare's plays.
Dramatic= Personification.

Next, I prepared a 5"x7" image area on a piece of watercolour paper and began drawing my image. Then the fun started when I got to the paint. Turned on the classical music and away I went. I put tape 1/8" outside of the image area creating a 'bleed'. the bleed is there so that when I cut my image out, I won't get those annoying white edges.
Stage One
Stage 2 (added shadows and trim)
Next, I cut it out and scanned it. 
Scanned Image
Add some colour correction, and artistic tweaks in Adobe Photoshop CS5.
Screenshot while in Photoshop
And Voila! The final piece!

Check in on my Facebook page this Sunday for the next word. I'd love to see what you create too!

Have a fantastic weekend; and Happy Fathers Day to everyone celebrating, or remembering their father's this Sunday!

~ Jennifer

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