Thursday, 31 May 2012

Live on Locke: The Music Movement - Logo Comprehensives

Stage 2 of The Music Movement logo is complete. My colleagues and I have developed a comprehensive design and have provided our clients with 4 colour schemes to choose from.

We have also learned a few things while working on a couple of projects recently, including this one. We've discovered that it is really difficult to have three people work on one aspect of a project. Too many fingers in a pie leads to too much confusion and a really big headache! So from now on everyone will do their own thing and we will ask each other for advice when/if we need it. I'm not sure why we started working this way, maybe just the excitement of the first project as "3J Design Solutions", but whatever the reason we've made corrections and are better than ever!

Now we are looking forward to what the clients have to say and to finishing their logo.


  1. Great job! My vote goes to the last one but I like them all, the content of the design matches the theme very well good job guys. :)

  2. Thanks Fatima! I'll post again when we hear back from our clients and we'll see if they agree with you :)