Friday, 13 April 2012

Kodak Billboard Concept

This was simply a hypothetical project, but it was still a lot of fun! The only constraints I had was that I needed to perfectly reproduce the kodak logo and I had to have some kind of text on it. So I began generating thumbnails as I always do. Summer is fast approaching and I'm so ready for it; this is what inspired all of my concepts. I wanted something where the image would do most of the talking and the text would be a single word to summarize it. Advertising via Billboards means you have approximately 3 seconds to communicate with a consumer--too much text would make communication increasingly difficult and could potentially cause a car accident!

I decided to go with the roasted marshmallow concept (first thumbnail) because I connected with it the most and I think others would too. So to start I laid my ground colour down. Since I am working with Gouache, a paint similar to water colours, I had to leave some areas white otherwise my ground would show through in areas where it shouldn't be at all (ie: the Kodak Logo, marshmallow). I created the 'ghost areas', the word simple and the flames behind the marshmallow, I created by letting my paint dry slightly and then painting with a damp brush with no paint on it. This removes some of the paint that you have already laid down.

Next I began painting in my elements. The Kodak logo took the most time because I needed to be very precise. The flames were made with a wide, flat brush and over saturated paint of different values.

Kodak_final Finally, I finished up the Kodak logo and added a final value to the flames. Later I'll try to get a picture of it in the Billboard miniature model.

Take care and have a lovely Friday the 13th and a great weekend! Cheers

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